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The Tiki Warrior series came about after I was invited to exhibit at a tiki-themed art show north of New York City. I had so much fun working on these pieces! Each one made me laugh out loud as it came together with its own set of unique facial features.

The warriors are made with recycled copper wire and accented with brass wire. Cactus thorns and natural stone beads are also used. All wire components are shaped by hand, textured, and joined by using an acetylene torch with silver solder. They are all finished with a highly polished surface then sealed with many layers of clear-coat to ensure a long-lasting shine.

coral and hematite beads
8" long

Witch Doctor
solid copper nose weights
8" long

King of Tiki Beach
copper and brass with fluorite bead
7" long

copper and brass with coral earrings
8" long

Dancing Tiki and Tiki Prince
The Tiki Prince has a barrel cactus thorn headdress and brass nosering.
The Dancing Tiki has a green patina grass skirt with hidden penis.

8" long

Dancing Tiki penis revealed

Tiki King
Barrel cactus thorn headdress, brass nose ring, black
coral and jasper earrings, and a penis under his skirt!
14" long

Carrying spears each tipped with a saguaro cactus thorn,
sea shell earrings, and a penis under the chainmail skirt
14" long

Frankie the Rock King
bone skull earrings, carries a volcanic stone,
with a generous penis under the skirt.
14" long

Camp Guard
green patina copper skirt with a penis beneath
16" long

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