Powerful Macro Capability
  • record macros "by example" by issuing command keys within the macro dialog
  • write macros using Boxer's high-level, C-like macro language
  • macro language supports variables, loops, conditionals, boolean logic and an extensive set of arithmetic operators
  • over 450 functions for string manipulation, math, date and time, much more
  • assign macros to any key assignment, to a toolbar button, or run them from the main menu
  • integrated debugger with automatic variable watch, breakpoints, single step, step to cursor
Large file capacity
  • edit files up to 2 GB in size
  • no theoretical limit on the number of open files
  • line lengths to 32K characters
  • total editing capacity is limited only by the operating system's virtual memory capabilities
Portable Editing
  • install Boxer to a USB memory stick or Secure Digital card
  • occupies about 5 MB of space in its full installation
  • all configuration files are maintained on the removable medium
  • no traces are left after editing files on the host machine
Hex Editing
  • edit files containing null characters in a special hex editing mode
  • hex file sizes up to almost 500 MB are supported
  • enter new data as two-digit hex codes, or enter ASCII characters directly
  • customized Find and Replace dialog provide special hex-related functions
Unicode Editing
  • edit UTF-8, UTF-16 little endian, or UTF-16 big endian Unicode files
  • convert ASCII files to Unicode, and Unicode files to ASCII
  • Unicode characters are mapped onto current code page
  • files containing characters from multiple code pages cannot be edited
Color syntax highlighting
  • displays source code for programming languages using user-defined colors
  • built-in support for all popular languages (see list)
  • reserved words and syntax are user-definable so that exotic languages can be supported
  • user-definable foreground and background colors for all syntax elements
  • select regular/bold/underline/italics font styles for any syntax element
  • up to 5000 reserved words, in five distinct color classes
  • distinct highlighting colors for end-of-line and block comments
  • several pre-defined color schemes are supplied
  • simple .INI storage format makes it easy to share syntax info with others
  • Syntax Highlight As command allows .TMP, .BAK and similar files to be colorized
Color syntax printing and monochrome syntax printing
  • print source code in color and/or with regular/bold/underline/italic styles
  • colors/styles used for printing can be defined separately from those used on-screen
Color and monochrome syntax print preview
  • on-screen, WYSIWYG preview of print job with syntax coloration applied
Multi-level undo and redo
  • undo up to 64K of changes in each open file
  • optionally undo passive cursor motion
  • Undo All, Redo All and Clear Undo commands
  • option to permit undo after file save
Column block selections
  • select and manipulate text in rectangles
  • Power Columns editing mode applies all edits made to each line within the selection
  • a fast, powerful, highly customizable system for completing words and phrases as you type
  • Complete partially typed words by selecting from an optional pop-up list of suggestions, or by pressing a user-defined trigger key
  • Optional hot numbers is pop-up list allow for single key selection
  • Suggested completion phrases are drawn from four sources:
    • User-defined phrases
    • Existing text in the current document
    • The reserved word list for the current file type
    • An external, user-editable dictionary of 37,000 English words
  • User-defined phrases can be set to trigger automatically, when a delimiter is typed, or only when the trigger key is pressed
  • Expansion codes can be placed in user-defined phrases that will expand to various date/time strings, or to file/directory strings, at the time of insertion
  • Auto-Complete works intelligently on both ordinary text and program code, due in part to user-editable delimiter lists that control how words/phrases are harvested from the surrounding text
  • Extensive options provide control over how words are harvested from the current document, how many should appear in the pop-up list, where/when/whether the list should appear, and
    much, much more
Keystroke Recording
  • on-the-fly keystroke recording allows repetitive operations to be automated
  • pause during recording to perform other tasks, resume when needed
  • save and load key recordings from disk
Project file support
  • instantly create a project file for the set of currently opened files
  • project files records windows sizes, cursor positions, bookmarks, tabs stops, word wrap, etc.
  • easily add the current file to an existing project
  • save and load project files from disk
  • use the "exec:" directive to include non-text files in the project, allowing their parent application to open them
Ctags Function Indexing
  • displays function prototype information for the text at the mouse cursor
  • navigate among indexed functions from a pop-up function list
  • use Previous/Next function commands to navigate through a file
  • use the Declaration command to jump to the declaration for the identifier at the cursor
  • use the Reference command to return the location where the Declaration command was issued
  • interfaces to Exuberant Ctags, a popular function indexing tool for PCs
  • more than 30 languages are supported, including: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, HTML, ASP, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Lisp, Eiffel, Assembler, Fortran, Cobol and others
FTP Support
  • open, edit and save files hosted on remote sites
  • maintain login ID/password pairs for multiple sites
  • open FTP files from command line, recent files list, project files, text beneath cursor
  • Power Copy function quickly saves all open files to a remote site
  • remove functions include: delete file/dir, rename file/dir, make dir, directory navigation
Visual Wrap (aka wordwrap or wrap to window)
  • optional display mode wraps long lines to fit within window width, or user-defined margin
  • paragraph numbers are displayed in left margin, and on status bar
  • Harden Line Enders command can be used to make formatting permanent
XML Formatting
  • apply intelligent formatting to XML files
  • user-defined indentation level, tabs/spaces, tag splitting controls
  • user-defined inline tags provides extra formatting control
  • formatting statistics data helps user locate unmated/mismatched tags
  • unformat command can be used to remove formatting, make a "flat" file
Edit Fixed-Length Record Files
  • edit files containing fixed-length records but no newlines
  • File Open dialog has option to impose record length on file as it is read
  • -F Command line option flag (example: -F512) is also available to set record length
  • File Properties dialog has option to remove line enders when saving the file
Integrated spell checker
  • optional Active Spelling feature checks spelling as you type
  • add user-defined words to a custom dictionary
  • spell check the current word, selection, cursor-to-bottom, top-to-bottom, all open files, or all files in the active project
  • change, change all, ignore, ignore all and add options
  • confirmation dialog is moved intelligently so you don't have to play cat-and-mouse
  • options to ignore uppercase words and/or email addresses and URLs
  • 143,000+ American English dictionary supplied
  • additional languages available: British, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Syntax spelling
  • spell check program source code:
  • options available to ignore all text except comments and/or string constants
  • option to ignore text within HTML tags
Syntax searching
  • allows a text search to match a specified syntax element
  • example: find if only as a reserved word
  • example: find Press only within a string
  • example: find note only within a comment
Reconfigurable keyboard
  • select from one of many pre-defined layouts, or create a new one
  • multiple shift states are supported
  • redundant assignments are permitted for a single command
  • in-software dialog makes configuration easy: select from an available keys list, or press the desired sequence
Reconfigurable Toolbar
  • choose which commands appear on the toolbar, and in what order
  • user-defined icons may be added
  • use the "new row" element to create a multi-row toolbar
  • option to display a user-configurable text label below each button
  • option to display the toolbar bar as a floating window
  • insert half space, full space, and divider elements as desired
  • option to display button icons in double-size mode
  • option to auto-format buttons when floating toolbar is resized
  • option to choose the font used for button label text
  • tear-off toolbar to engage floating mode; drag to a window edge to re-dock
Custom File Open Dialog
  • resize the dialog to any size
  • filename expansion: press Tab to complete a partial filename
  • preview a file in a pop-up window without opening it
  • recently used favorite directories list
  • file mask permits directory contents to be filtered
Custom File Picker Window
  • File Picker window can remain open as you work
  • manually dockable to sit alongside Boxer
  • double-click to select a file for editing
  • recently used favorite directories list
  • file mask permits directory contents to be filtered
Split windows
  • split windows provide a second view into a single file
  • horizontal and vertical splits are supported
  • inactive split window always reflects changes made in the active split
  • resize split size at any time by dragging on splitter bar
  • split window configuration is restored when resuming an edit session
Text Highlighting
  • designate a list of words or text strings for highlighting
  • useful for emphasizing table headings, section titles, etc.
  • highlighting strings are saved from session to session
  • disable text highlighting from the View menu without deleting the highlight strings
Multiple clipboards
  • 8 private clipboards are available, in addition to the Windows clipboard
  • the active clipboard can be set with a single keystroke
  • the content of clipboards are visible in pop-up windows within the main menu
  • any clipboard can be edited in a conventional editing window
  • the content of private clipboards is saved from session to session
  • use the Clipboard Previous and Clipboard Next commands to move among clipboards
Paste As
  • paste text from the clipboard in formats other than simple text
  • companion clipboard viewer shows all data on the clipboard in multiple formats
File tab interface
  • click a file tab to switch to another open file
  • drag and drop file tabs to arrange files more as you wish
  • options to sort file tabs by file name, extension or by order of use
  • locate file tabs at top or bottom of screen, or disable altogether
  • modified files are marked on the tabs for easy identification
  • define frequently used text blocks for quick insertion
  • define programming constructs with desired text cursor placement
  • simple .INI storage format makes it easy to share templates with others
Find Mate
  • locate mating parenthetical characters, with consideration to nesting
  • locate mating HTML tags such as <center> and </center>
  • locate mating begin/end, if/endif, while/endwhile and other common pairs
  • mating pairs are user-definable
  • extend a text selection to the mating character
Find Text in Disk Files
  • full support for Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
  • search across one drive or all drives
  • search subdirectories, or restrict search by file attributes
  • wildcard file patterns can be used
  • regular expression search strings can be used
  • match case
  • match whole words
  • match at start/end of line
  • results are displayed with matching string highlighted
  • options are available to control reporting format
  • double click on a matched line to load that file for editing, at the matched line
  • results list can be left active for opening additional files
Hex Viewer Mode
  • load a binary file into a read-only hexadecimal view window
  • -or- toggle an editable file into a read-only hexadecimal view window
  • content is shown with two-byte hex codes and ASCII equivalents
  • syntax coloration is used for enhanced readability
  • view hex files up to 480 MB in size
Quote and Reformat
  • reformat a paragraph and apply quote markers, as are used in email replies
  • intelligent reformatting prevents scrambling existing quote markers
  • multi-level quoting is supported
  • quoting string is user-definable
  • quote and reformat a selected range of paragraphs
Select without Shift
  • provides a hands-off method of selecting text
  • shift key need not be held down in order to maintain the selection
  • extend the selection with any cursor movement commands
User Tools
  • user-defined external programs which can be run from within Boxer
  • user-defined web-based tools
  • defined tools become integral to the main menu
  • pass various information about the current file using pre-defined sequences:
  •   filename, line number, column number, selected text, word under the cursor
  • as many as 24 user tools can be defined
User Lists
  • user-defined pop-up reference lists
  • browse the list, or select an item for insertion into the text
  • sample lists supplied: HTML tags, Internet country codes, two-letter state codes, etc.
  • stay-on-top option
  • manage and navigate among bookmarks using lines using the Bookmark Manager dialog
  • optional on-screen line markers at left edge of window
  • line and column position is recorded
  • previous, next and clear bookmark commands
  • option to delete bookmarked lines
  • bookmarks are restored when resuming an edit session
Find duplicate lines
  • locates lines in the current file which have duplicates
  • results are placed in a new, untitled file
Find unique lines
  • locates lines in the current file which have no duplicates
  • results are placed in a new, untitled file
Find distinct lines
  • builds a list of all distinct lines in the current file (includes lines which have duplicates)
  • results are placed in a new, untitled file
Find differing lines
  • compare two or more similar files in adjacent windows and jump to the next differing line
  • useful for locating differences in two or more versions of the same file
  • option to ignore leading/trailing spaces
Auto Tag Close for HTML/XML
  • Optionally have Boxer insert the closing mate to any opening tag you type
  • Cursor is placed between the tags awaiting further input
Auto-Close Parenthetical Characters
  • Optionally have Boxer insert the closing mate to any parenthetical character you type
  • Cursor is placed between the characters awaiting further input
  • Parenthetical character list is user-configurable
HTML Color Chart
  • select colors from a 16-million color palette
  • auto-insert the associated HTML code into the edited file
Long filenames
  • use filenames up to 255 characters in length, with embedded spaces
Email and URL addresses
  • displayed in user-definable color and font style
  • double click to launch the email client, or Internet browser
Open file in browser
  • display an edited HTML file in your Internet browser
  • provides effective WYSIWYG editing of HTML files
  • permissible file extensions are user-definable
Open header file
  • locate and open the associated header file for the current file
  • example: when editing main.cpp, main.hpp would be opened, and vice-versa
  • mating header file extension pairs are user-definable
Open system files
  • open various system files with a single command:
  •   autoexec.bat, config.sys, system.ini, win.ini, config.nt, autoexec.nt
Open filename at cursor
  • open a file for editing whose name appears within the edited text
Open program at cursor
  • open a program, file or folder at the text cursor with its associated application
Modification detection
  • automatically detects when an edited file has been modified by another program
  • option is provided to reload the modified file to get latest changes
  • Modification detection can be disabled
Intellimouse support
  • Support for Microsoft's Intellimouse: scroll text by rolling the mouse thumbwheel
Find Text
  • full support for Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
  • incremental search option: search occurs as you type
  • search current file, or all edited files
  • search forward or backward
  • match case
  • match whole words
  • match at start/end of line
  • option to extend text selection to the match found
  • option to control where match is displayed on-screen
  • strings are saved in a sortable history list
  • option to select matched text
Find Fast
  • fast, one-key searching for the word beneath the text cursor
Search and Replace
  • full support for Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
  • replace in current file, or all edited files
  • confirm each replacement, or replace all
  • replace string can contain elements of matched search string
  • match case
  • match whole words
  • match at start/end of line
  • replace strings are saved in a sortable history list
Replace Line Enders
  • full support for Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
  • use search and replace string that contain line enders
  • replace in current file, or all edited files
  • replace string can contain elements of matched search string
  • match case
  • match whole words
  • match at start/end of line
  • replace strings are saved in a sortable history list
Extensive command set for operating on selected text
  • cut, copy, append, cut-append, save, print, delete
  • fill with text string
  • auto-number lines, with a wide range of control options
  • invert lines
  • line spacing: singe-, double- or triple-spacing
  • sort lines, with a wide range of control options
  • strip HTML tags
  • strip leading spaces, strip trailing spaces
  • arithmetic total/average/statistics
  • uppercase, lowercase, title case, invert case, capitalize words, capitalize sentences
  • count characters, words, lines
  • indent with Space or Tab, user-defined string, unindent
  • comment / uncomment
  • convert ANSI to OEM, OEM to ANSI
  • convert Tabs to Spaces, Spaces to Tabs
  • reformat selected paragraphs
  • unformat a paragraph, making it into a single long line of text
  • align left/center/right/smooth
  • search or search and replace within selected lines
  • check spelling within selected lines
Windows error chart
  • displays error codes in decimal and hex, and with textual explanations
  • search the chart by value or for a text string
  • stay-on-top option
Pop-up calendar
  • permits insertion of date strings into the edited file
  • long and short date format options
  • option to designate the starting weekday of the calendar
  • stay-on-top option
Pop-up programmer's calculator
  • supports hex, decimal, octal and binary
  • supports AND, OR, XOR, NOT, shift left and shift right
  • 1K, 16K, pi and e constant functions
  • trigonometric and scientific functions
  • memory functions
  • value at cursor is placed in the display automatically
  • values can be pasted to/from the clipboard
  • pop-up help hints
  • stay-on-top option
Fast Frame
  • automatically frame a column-selected region with a selected frame style
  • supports ASCII/OEM frame drawing characters, and simple symbol drawing characters
Online Help
  • clearly written, comprehensive documentation
  • includes popups and embedded graphics to help convey ideas
  • hyperlinks are used liberally for easier navigation
  • browse menus and press F1 to get help on any command
  • Help On arrow gives help for the next item pointed to
  • define external help files to get context-sensitive help for the word at the cursor
Screen display
  • The following features are all optionally displayable:
  • user-configurable toolbar with pop-up tool tips, dockable to any window edge
  • icons within the main menus, for faster recognition of commands
  • file tab interface, with current filename in boldface
  • visible spaces display mode
  • highlighting of current line
  • on-screen line numbering; margin expands and contracts for efficiency
  • on-screen bookmark markers
  • on-screen ruler for measuring columns
  • on-screen right margin column warning rule
  • display of horizontal and vertical scroll bars
  • display of status bar
Fixed or Variable Width Tabs
  • user-defined default tab size
  • -or- user-defined variable width tab stops
  • 'Intelli-Tabs' feature auto-computes optimum tab stop values by studying tabular data
  • Designate an alternative tab character (such as ',') to enhance viewing of data files
  • hard tabs (Tab key inserts character value 9)
  • soft tabs (Tab key inserts spaces)
  • smart tabs (Tab key inserts spaces; uses indent level above)
Shaded Tab Zones
  • Adjacent tab zones are colored using a different background color
  • Enhances display of files containing tabular data
Word Processing
  • run-time word wrap wraps words to the next line while typing
  • justification styles: left/center/right/smooth
  • paragraph reformat applies justification style to existing paragraphs
  • text width determines the wrap column for word wrap and reformat
  • align text commands apply left/center/right/smooth formatting without altering line enders
Multiple-Monitor Friendly
  • Dialogs popup centered over the application, not centered on the screen
  • Standard dialogs are coerced to display over the application, not centered on the screen
  • Many dialogs remember their last position from session to session
  • Dialogs guard against a remembered position becoming off-screen due to monitor changes
Text Obfuscation
  • ROT5, ROT13, ROT18 and ROT47 obfuscation commands are provided
  • provides simple but effective text obfuscation for low-security needs
  • applying the obfuscation a second time returns the text to its original form
Find a Disk File
  • search across one or all drives for a disk file
  • wildcard patterns can be used
  • search subdirectories, or restrict search by file attributes
  • select one or more files for editing from the results list
  • results list can be left active for opening additional files
File locking
  • option to prevent other programs from reading and/or writing files which are loaded
File insert
  • import the content of a named file at the cursor location
File reload
  • reload the current file from disk
  • used to recover from editing mistakes of a grand scale
Scroll up/down
  • scroll the editing window while retaining the current cursor line
Multiple instance prevention
  • additional files named on a command line will be added to an existing edit session
  • saves resources and prevents confusion which can result from multiple instances
  • option to allow multiple instance, if desired
Find and Count
  • report the number of occurrences of a text string
  • full support for Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
  • search current file, or all edited files
  • match case
  • match whole words
  • match at start/end of line
Command line parameters
  • files can be named on a command line for editing
  • wildcard file patterns can be used to match a class of files
  • option flags are available that facilitate integration with other programs
Page Setup
  • provides control over the format of the printed page
  • define header and footer strings with left/center/right components
  • use pre-defined substitution sequences to insert time, date, filename, etc.
  • set page margins using various units: inches, millimeters, points, characters, printer pixels
  • set line spacing: single, double, triple
  • option to number lines at left margin
  • option to wrap/truncate overflow lines
Line Drawing
  • drawing lines and boxes using ASCII/OEM frame drawing characters, or symbol drawing
  • draw with user-defined symbols
Value at cursor
  • reports the value of the character at the cursor in decimal, hex, octal and binary
  • remains on-screen to report values as the cursor moves through the file
File formats
  • read files in PC/Unix/Macintosh format transparently, without user interaction
  • save files according to the current setting: PC/Unix/Macintosh
Session resumption
  • restores the previous edit session when no new files are named for editing
  • windows sizes, positions and splits are restored
  • cursor lines and columns are restored
  • text selections, if any, are also restored
  • edit mode, word wrap setting and tab size is restored
  • session resumption can be disabled
Command multiplier
  • process the next command key or character pressed by a user-defined value
Replace last command
  • repeat the last command with a single keystroke, no matter its location in the menu
Auto indent
  • assume the level of indent on the line above, when Enter is pressed
  • auto indent can be disabled
Go to line
  • jump to a specified line number, as might be reported in a compiler error
  • move up or down by a specified number of lines
  • move to a line that corresponds to a specified percentage of the file
  • option to extend the text selection to the new location
Go to column
  • jump to a specified column number, as might be reported in a compiler error
  • move left or right by a specified number of column
  • move to a column that corresponds to a specified percentage of a line length
  • option to extend the text selection to the new location
Go to byte offset
  • jump to a specified byte offset, supplied in decimal or hexadecimal
  • move ahead or back by a specified number of bytes
  • move to a position that corresponds to a specified percentage of the file
  • option to extend the text selection to the new location
Move by Paragraphs
  • Next Paragraph and Previous Paragraph commands appear on the Jump menu
Autosave option
  • automatically saves a file after a specified time period has elapsed
Synchronized scrolling
  • scroll one or more windows automatically to scan for errors, or for hands-off reading
Drag and drop files
  • drag and drop one or more files from Explorer, or other shells, to load the files for editing
Boxer Shorts
  • optionally view usage tips upon startup which help make more efficient use of Boxer
Context menu
  • access common editing commands from a pop-up context menu available by right-clicking
Screen fonts
  • select a screen font from any fixed width font which has been installed
Printer fonts
  • select a printer font from any fixed width font which has been installed
  • printer font can be set independently of the screen font
Insert symbols
  • insert special characters using shortcut keys equated to the characters' values
File properties
  • displays information about the disk file associated with the edited file:
  •   long and short filenames, create/modify/access times, file size and attributes
ANSI and OEM character charts
  • displays visual representations of characters 0 to 255
  • insert characters from the chart into the edited file
  • decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary, control-character and mnemonic values shown
  • stay-on-top option
Math functions
  • perform math on the value beneath the text cursor and insert the result
  • increment, decrement, multiply and divide supported
Read-only mode
  • edit files in read-only mode to prevent accidental changes
File backups
  • user-definable backup file extension
  • choose file.bak or file.txt.bak style format
  • place all backups in a single directory, or in the file's local directory
  • option to disable file backups
Cursor motion option
  • Home-Home-Home and End-End-End cursor motion is supported
Word delimiters
  • user-definable word delimiters provide control over how various commands treat words
Color Configuration
  • all elements of the screen display can be reconfigured by the user
  • choose from a palette of 16 million colors when selecting screen colors
  • save color schemes in four custom scheme slots
Preferred file extensions
  • user definable list which is used when opening files named without an extension
Trailing spaces
  • option to remove spaces automatically when loading and/or saving a file
  • command to remove trailing spaces from a text selection
Insert date and time
  • commands to insert long format, or short format
  • format of the string inserted reflects local custom
  • also: insert time or date by double clicking in status bar area
Text cursor
  • user definable cursor size, cursor shape and flashing speed
  • define insert and typeover mode cursors distinctly from one another
Insert by value
  • insert character(s) value by specifying their decimal value
Duplicate line
  • create a copy of the current line with a single keystroke
Duplicate and Increment line
  • create a copy of the current line with a single keystroke, incrementing any values found within by 1
Move Line Up and Move Line Down
  • move the line at the cursor with a single command
  • faster that using cut and paste
  • useful for moving items within an ordered list
Swap words
  • swap the word at the cursor with the word to its right
Visible spaces
  • optional display mode shows spaces, tabs and newlines as visible characters
  • color used to display visible spaces can be set independent of other text
  • character values can be defined separately for ANSI and OEM fonts
Text deletion
  • delete line, delete to start of line, delete to end of line
  • delete lines that begin with, delete lines that end with, delete lines that contain
  • delete previous word, delete next word
  • delete bookmarked lines
  • delete duplicate lines
  • delete blank lines
  • delete selection, delete next character, delete previous character
Window commands
  • pop-up, resizeable Window List shows all open files for easier navigation, saving, closing
  • tile down, tile across, cascade, cascade vertical, cascade horizontal
  • arrange minimized icons
  • window next, window previous, window skip
  • minimize all, restore all, maximize all, close all, close all but active