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Ugly Email Messages: Beware the Text Monkey

Clever New Utility Cleans Over-quoted Email Like Magic

Scottsdale, Ariz. - May 3, 2004 - We've all seen them. Your inbox may be filled with them right now: messy, over-quoted email messages that have been forwarded so many times they're almost unreadable. There's no easy way to clean them, so most people just click "Forward" and send them on. Pretty soon, they look something like this:

   Joe> Bob> >> >A dog walks into a bar
   and says,
   Joe> Bob> >> >"Give me two carrots
   and a martini!"

A new product from Boxer Software solves this problem. Text Monkey Lite senses when quoted email text is copied to the clipboard and cleans it automatically, or upon your confirmation.

Using Text Monkey couldn't be easier: select the text, copy it to the clipboard, and paste back the cleaned text. Because Text Monkey processes text while it resides on the clipboard, it's compatible with all types of programs, and can extend the functionality of almost every program you use.

Best of all, Text Monkey Lite is completely free. You can download the program from

You can also download a fully functional evaluation copy of Text Monkey Pro. In addition to email clean-up, Text Monkey Pro includes dozens of other useful functions, all related to cleaning, formatting, or filtering text. Most of its functions require the click of just a single button. One button converts plain text to an HTML document, applying all the tags necessary to preserve formatting and create a web-publishable document. Other commands are available to sort, auto-number, delete blank lines, delete duplicate lines, count occurrences of strings, convert tabs to spaces, perform case conversions, encode/decode special HTML characters, and more.

Text Monkey has a small footprint on-screen, and resides in the system tray so it's always on-hand when you need it. Text Monkey Pro is especially useful to web programmers who need fast tools to convert HTML to plain text, or vice versa.

Text Monkey PRO costs $29.99 (USD) and is compatible with all 32- anb 64-bit Windows versions. A fully functional trial version is available at Multi-user licenses are also available. Phone: +1-602-485-1635. email:


Boxer Software was founded in 1991. Its first product, Boxer for DOS, quickly earned an enthusiastic following. Since then, Boxer has become the editor-of-choice for thousands of software developers, web programmers, engineers, and academics around the world. The current flagship product, Boxer 10 for Windows, offers an extensive set of text editing tools, including programmable macros, extensible syntax highlighting for numerous programming languages, and extensive search/replace, reformatting, spell-checking, and related tools.