Boxer Text Editor - Multi-User License Information

Please Note: the price of a multi-user license is auto-computed at our online store based on the value entered in the quantity box there. Licenses are available in all sizes; not simply the sizes listed below. The Help|Order Boxer dialog can also be used to check pricing.

A Multi-User License provides an inexpensive way for businesses, schools, universities or other work groups to supply their personnel with computer software in both a legal and cost-efficient manner. By licensing Boxer for use on multiple computers you can standardize on a single editing tool that will serve the needs of all people within the group. In so doing, support and maintenance costs can be reduced, and users can benefit from having ready access to others who are using the same software. Multi-user licensing is also more economical than making individual purchases, because there is no need for us to supply extra disks, reference literature, etc. for all users within the group.

The organization purchasing the license designates a single individual to be the contact for shipping, technical support, upgrades, etc. We provide a single copy of the software package. You are then allowed to install Boxer onto as many CPUs as have been licensed.

The following chart details the cost of various Multi-User Licenses based on the number of CPUs. For example, if you purchase a license for 20 CPUs your cost would be $425.40, which saves you 63.9% ($754.60) versus the cost of 20 individual purchases. The more copies licensed, the greater the percentage savings.

Note: Boxer Software's site licensing policy is based on 'individual use,' not 'concurrent use.' When determining the number of licenses required, the computation should be made according to the number of CPUs on which Boxer will be installed or used, and not according to the maximum theoretical concurrent use that might occur. (An exception to this policy is made for individual, non-commercial users who may wish to install Boxer onto multiple CPUs which are owned by them, and of which they are the sole user.) Also, please note that the installation of Boxer onto a network server which is accessible by many users does not constitute use on a single CPU: the license quantity must be determined by the number of workstations that will use the software.

  Number            License            Discount  
 of CPUs             Price            Percentage 
    2              $100.30               15.0%   
    3               138.00               22.0    
    4               169.90               28.0    
    5               197.90               32.9    
   10               276.70               53.1    
   15               352.90               60.1    
   20               425.40               63.9    
   25               494.80               66.5    
   50               814.40               72.3    
  100              1383.60               76.5    

If you later wish to add additional CPUs to the license, you can build upon the number of copies already licensed to achieve a better price. For example, the cost to grow a 20-CPU license to 25 CPUs is $69.40, which is the difference in cost between a 25-CPU and a 20-CPU license (494.80 - 425.40). In this way your license can be grown economically, as your needs change.

When it's time to upgrade to a new version of Boxer, the savings continue. The unit cost of a software upgrade will always be significantly reduced to our existing customers. Multi-User License upgrades are even further discounted by applying the original discount earned to the unit price of the upgrade, and then multiplying by the number of licensed CPUs. For example, if the unit price of an upgrade is $24.00, the price to upgrade a 10-CPU license would be: (100% - 53.1%) x $24 x 10 = $112.56.

The order form within Boxer will automatically compute Multi-User License pricing for quantities not shown in the chart above. That form can be found by selecting Order Boxer from the Help menu. If you have additional questions, or need pricing for more than 100 CPUs, please contact us.